Experts in innovative stationery

GBP Belometti

A century of experience with a glance to the future

The history of GBP Belometti starts with the initiative of Giuseppe Belometti. In the beginning of the twentieth century, he started a production of compasses in Palosco, near Bergamo. The company’s growth, from those early handmade compasses, has never stopped. The passion of the founder and his collaborators, the entrepreneurship and the skills acquired through experience have permitted to GBP Belometti to survive two world wars and to evolve into a manufacturer of all round stationery. Nowadays, the spirit is the same of the early years: great commitment, choice of innovative materials, study of new technologies, focus on aesthetics and ergonomics.

From production to trade marketing

Although the DNA of GBP Belometti has not changed, the rapid market transformation has required an evolution in products and services. Therefore, GBP Belometti has become much more than a stationery supplier, introducing a package of integrated marketing services. The company keeps working with the retail customers after sale, offering its know-how of sector. The services offered range from market analysis to the definition of industry trends. GBP Belometti can also help with the choice of products and their in store placement, providing displays designed specifically for the promotional activity. Moreover, it is possible to customize every product with the customer’s brand. Everything is set up in order to optimize sales.

The network of GBP Belometti

Despite the enormous changes between the first factory of Giuseppe Belometti and today’s GBP Belometti, the winning characteristics of the brand have not changed: careful choice of materials, aesthetic excellence, functional design and attention to customer needs. For this reason, GBP Belometti now boasts two large sales networks: one for the traditional channel and one for large retailers, registering a high level of satisfaction of customers, suppliers and employees.