Our Brands

Different brands that tell our big family

Atlas: appeal to our roots, glue between past and present. With the literary meaning of "ATLAS", the ATLAS brand reflects the foresight of Belometti brothers after World War II are left to seek "new markets" as pioneers.
Neoline: perfect alchemy between the Tradition and the New, Generational change, openness to new markets seen as an opportunity and improvement, the ideal line for schools and offices.
Neokids: a line of products designed for small children. safe products, non-toxic, because children deserve the best.
Wasp: futurism, design, innovation. aesthetically appealing, the collection is designed to capture fashion-conscious consumers but above all the functionality of the products.
Dado: line for archiving soft and flexible material. A charge of new colors that counteracts the rigidity of tradition giving the office a touch of lightness and sympathy.
It’s Cool: an explosion of colors, perfect alchemy between color, grit and functionality. A fresh, modern look for people who want more than the usual products.